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Opening Line Music is proud to announce 6 new collections shipping early in the second quarter of 2017. These collections include:

  • OLMG-34 Punk – Electric guitar based tracks with a Punk Attitude.
  • OLMG-35 Tropical House – A musical vacation to the island life with days full of fun in the sun & late nights of partying.
  • OLMG-36 Uplifting & Motivational – Uplifting musical messages of inspiration and motivation in various styles & genres.
  • OLMG-37 RetroWave – Analog synths rule the day. Retro Wave is new & fresh again – stranger things have happened.
  • OLMG-38 Pop Piano – Acoustic piano based tracks in various styles.
  • OLMG-39 World Chill – A colorful hip trip around the globe. Perfect for travel, documentaries, reality tv, & advertising.

Look for these new collections via our cloud based partners very soon.